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Operations Management

Operations Management

Regardless of industry, adopting an MES can help you improve your operations in a variety of areas including material management, automated weigh and dispense solutions, digital equipment logbooks, ERP and third-party integrations, and electronic batch records. Our Manufacturing Operations Management suite of solutions can be further complemented by tech transfer enablers, dynamic modeling for debottlenecking in real time, digital work instructions, and connected worker solutions that embrace mobile devices and wearable technology. These systems and solutions aim to improve materials tracking, increase awareness of work-in-progress materials, manage equipment states, and ensure data integrity across systems.
Materials Management

Material genealogy and tracking within a manufacturing facility are paramount to real-time accounting of raw materials. We offer consulting and implementation services to manage materials and their recipes—including bill of materials, equipment lists, and processing instructions—facilitating increased awareness of and visibility to manufacturing demands, supporting the full lifecycle of materials workflow.

Automated Weigh & Dispense

To achieve higher level manufacturing intelligence, it’s essential to have visibility of work-in-progress materials. Our operations management experts provide tools to increase material usage awareness through automated weigh and dispense solutions. Enforcing defined workflows ensures consistency and maintains complete records for product release and regulatory review purposes.

Digital Equipment Logbooks

Paper logbooks have been a source of inaccuracies and deviations in manufacturing processes for years. Our solution replaces paper logbooks with digital equipment logbooks to enable operations personnel to respond to equipment-related production events in real-time and electronically document equipment usage, status, and history—actively managing equipment states.

ERP & Third-Party Integrations

MES systems often integrate with ERP systems for optimal order and material management. Integration with other systems, like LIMS, CMMS, and PKM, is also needed to ensure data integrity. We offer consulting expertise to help manufacturers make decisions and implement the appropriate integrations to support their needs.

Electronic Batch Records

There are various motivations to switch from paper to electronic batch records (EBRs), including completeness, real-time materials verification, procedural enforcement, and rapid release support. While EBRs come in different forms, not all satisfy the same business needs. We’ll help you determine where to start, engage the right resources, and direct the maturity of their solution.

Tech Transfer

Tech transfer is crucial in drug development to create a continuum of process knowledge—from early-stage research through commercial manufacturing. We offer a structured repository and collaboration model that facilitates drug development and technology transfer, and our industry consultants can determine when and how to implement a solution that fits your needs.

Real-Time Manufacturing Modeling & Debottlenecking

Our dynamic scheduling solution enables customers to visualize facility constraints, accommodate variability, maximize production, and understand the implications of process changes. Our experts can consolidate all data to create an accurate model of the entire process, producing an optimal scheduling overview, as well as debottlenecking and capacity analyses for process optimization.

Digital Work Instructions

As production processes become more complex and experienced, plant operators retire and customers struggle to train new operators. Our process experts can define efficient work processes and convert them into digital instructions to guide new operators through their workflow, using computer vision and dynamic interfaces to alert operators if tasks are performed incorrectly and guide them to do the job right the first time.

Connected Worker

Our experts can provide operators with the necessary information by leveraging mobile devices and wearable technologies to streamline activities and ensure prompt response. Any issues can be immediately reviewed by Quality—enabling real-time investigation while details are fresh. We can help define optimal workflows and data requirements, select hardware, configure & deploy it, and provide training.

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