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Managed Services


RETHINK Your Options to RESHAPE the Future of Your Organization

It’s time. Take an honest inventory of your organization’s skills, technology capabilities, and operational certainty.
Then put a number on it—your own KPI, so to speak. If only…

We speak your language—regardless of your process or platform—and we understand your challenges. There’s a lot to juggle in an automated manufacturing environment—ensuring systems don’t crash, maintaining production, and keeping current with the latest technologies. Through cutting-edge technologies, streamlined processes, and expert support, we aim to empower you to achieve operational excellence, improve plant reliability, maximize efficiency, and re-energize growth.

Are you tired of being sold a solution or manipulated into a path that may not align with what you need? We engage with your team to understand your KPIs—from day one. We understand that every situation is unique. It takes a collaborative approach, proven processes, and the ability to leverage multiple technologies/vendors/platforms to best meet your business objectives. And if something is not right, we’ll customize a solution for you.

Service agreements are great—and necessary—to keep abreast of changes and updates, but also for a rainy day when things just don’t go as planned. Those hours could also be used to explore new technologies or newly available modules on your current platform, upgrade security, leverage the power of analytics, implement a more proactive reliability program, or train new personnel using real scenarios and simulation technologies.

What Would Answering All of Your If’s Look Like?

A Value Approach to Your Managed Services Engagement

Our Managed Services professionals are an extension of your team—focused on improving operations and lowering costs by minimizing process downtime and risk. That’s why we focus on your objectives, your timetable, your ability to do the work and get trained, and your organization’s appetite for change.

What Happens Next: Process, by Design

Your time is important. We listen, ask the right questions, then apply best in class solutions to meet your challenges, based on our team of hands-on, experienced engineers and solutions consultants. Technology does not stand still, nor should we…or you.

Consultation & Assessment

To begin, we aim to connect with you, get a high-level overview of your manufacturing operations, and tailor our services and approach to match your needs. Our goal is to understand your production processes, existing control systems, pain points, objectives, and any specific requirements you have. We then conduct a thorough needs assessment, involving a mix of meetings, interviews, and discussions with your key stakeholders and team.

Data Collection & Analysis

We may conduct site visits to observe the control systems in action. This helps our experts gather firsthand insights into how the systems are used, the challenges faced, and potential areas for improvement. We may request access to historical data, reliability measures, performance KPIs, and other relevant information. With this information, we leverage our internal expertise coupled with our analytic models to baseline your system’s current performance and identify potential areas of optimization.

Proposed Approach & Collaboration

Based on the information gathered, we develop a customized set of solutions tailored to your needs. This may involve optimizing existing control processes, implementing new technologies, enhancing cybersecurity measures, and providing 24/7 monitoring and support, among others. We then partner with your team to collaborate and refine the proposed solutions. This involves discussing the technical aspects, implementation timeline, resource allocation, and any potential challenges. Feedback from your stakeholders is incorporated to ensure the solutions align with your KPIs, expectations and goals.

Formalized Engagement

We present a detailed proposal outlining the scope of work, services offered, associated costs, and the expected outcomes. Once accepted, we formalize our engagement through a contract or service-level agreement (SLA) outlining the responsibilities, performance metrics, service levels, payment terms, and other details relevant to the project’s success.

Delivery, Review & Continuous Improvement

We start implementing the agreed-upon solutions while ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing manufacturing operations. This could involve deploying new software, configuring systems, setting up monitoring tools, and integrating with existing infrastructure.

We are with you every step of the way virtually, in-person and through our web-based IT/OT help desk & ticketing system portal, keeping you updated on your KPIs.

We continue to monitor and optimize your operational systems, partnered with you, incorporating additional measures to meet your changing needs. We gather feedback from your team, analyze performance data, and adjust as needed to ensure the systems remain efficient and aligned with your evolving needs. Regular meetings and reporting keep both parties engaged and focused on improvement. Let’s get started!

Meet the Practice Leader

Ben Francisco

Practice Leader

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Ben Francisco

Practice Leader

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