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Steve Murray

Practice Leader

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Enthusiast

Steve has an extensive background with industry leading MES systems helping customers implement manufacturing solutions to meet their specific needs. He started his career in process automation and progressed into the batch automation layer in Life Sciences manufacturing. After years of leading Life Sciences batch automation projects, he settled his focus on MES and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) projects. He is a proponent of looking at the whole manufacturing process – including the Level 2 control layer and Level 3/4 needs because, in today’s world, data integrity and accuracy are key.

The objective is never to deliver a system – the goal is always to deliver a manufacturing solution that meets the distinct needs of each customer. As a practice leader, he sees MES/MOM systems evolving into a necessity, not a nice-to-have as has been the case in the past—due to the growing imperative for quality and consistency. This is following the same transformational process that occurred over recent decades that made batch automation systems a required standard for quality. Full consideration of needs includes evaluating the integration of systems and helping to guide the prioritization of the desired integrations to get the value required.

In his words, “My responsibilities allow me to play with lots of new manufacturing software options and help customers evaluate the best ones for their particular situation.”

Steve’s skills include extensive experience with team leadership; requirements definition; batch automation design; MES solution design and deployment including equipment management, inventory management, order management, and electronic batch records; Life Sciences validation procedures; database applications and control system configuration tools; clarifying technical requirements; computer networking; and project delivery optimization.


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