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Ben Francisco

Practice Leader

Delivering Immediate Value

With a background in business, Ben started working for his family’s business—a kitchen and appliance remodeling company—right after college. In Ben’s words, “It was an introduction to everything, and began a lifelong journey in being prepared for whatever comes your way. As a result, I never felt tied to a formal job description, but rather prefer to think on my feet and do whatever needs to be done.”

This wisdom helped Ben define his role when he started at R.E. Mason, Apperture’s parent company, almost 12 years ago. Ben worked as a Systems Coordinator, managing R.E. Mason’s resource team and customer service agreements. That role grew into a management position with many more responsibilities and customer-facing challenges. His mentor was a lifelong Emerson-trained executive who passed along a wealth of information—from advice about how to manage large teams to tips on exceeding customer expectations. Just as important, Ben learned when to bring in an expert, particularly for technical or engineering needs.

In Ben’s new role at Apperture, he plans to leverage his knowledge of service agreements—and how they can provide incremental value—to help clients rethink their options and reshape the future of their organizations. Whether exploring new cybersecurity technologies or embracing platform enhancements, Ben and the Apperture team can evaluate and implement actionable measures that lead to high value deliverables. In addition, the platform-agnostic nature of Apperture allows customers to consider all best-in-class solutions, above and beyond what they may already have in place.

“Initially, I’ll be focusing on assessments and audits which will enable our clients to get immediate benefits from a short-term engagement; however, I expect that most of our clients will want us to execute remediation plans once they realize the true value of what we can offer. As a professional services organization, we are ultimately looking to become a trusted partner and an extension of their teams.”


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