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Mark Feldpausch

Senior Vice President

Creator, Collaborator, and
Solver of Complex Problems

Mark is the senior executive in charge of all things Apperture. His main role is creating the new organization—from building the structure, identifying people, and roles, to determining its growth trajectory. His responsibilities include giving Apperture’s outside sales team the tools they need to be successful (knowledge, marketing, and lead generation processes), as well as providing subject matter experts for deeper knowledge where needed. Like every great executive, Mark will also be meeting with customers directly to learn firsthand about their challenges and how to best meet their expectations.

“Apperture represents a huge opportunity where the projects are product-agnostic and the skill sets are in demand—not only regionally, but also nationwide. I realize that the launch of a new organization is complex and difficult, but that’s what I do best. Furthermore, our culture matters and we want to impart all those benefits on new associates who join the firm.”

His reputation as someone who can devise a solution to almost any technical business issue, earned him the nickname of ‘Ask Mark’ early on in his career. As the mastermind behind a nationwide installer matching system for Circuit City, he first created his own homegrown system specifically designed for that particular business. His knowledge coupled with a naturally curious mindset earned him a series of promotions as the company grew.

For his next opportunity, Mark aimed for a smaller, privately held company where he could provide guidance and support for a multitude of processes and procedures. At Control Dynamics, he quickly inserted himself into a business improvement role where he placed a spotlight on resource planning, managed inside sales, and eventually took over service operations. Once R.E. Mason acquired Control Dynamics, he took the lead for not only replacing their ERP system, but also directing a team of other Emerson Impact Partners who were doing the same. That was a massive project loaded with change management and risk obstacles galore, which he successfully overcame including a speedy ‘contract-to-go-live’ timeframe of 18 months.

In addition to being responsible for IT, he also redesigned the company’s project management function in support of the company’s professional services arm, comprised of a team of process engineering consultants. All of these skills combined readied Mark for his next adventure, Apperture.

Mark closes with some personal insights. “My favorite movie is Apollo 13. I’m on the edge of my seat every time I watch it. I love the collaborative problem solving part of that movie—it’s a good way to describe what I do and how I see myself. I consider this opportunity with Apperture not only problem solving, but also meeting the challenge of how we do it. The excitement of Apperture is about collaborating to create something truly new.”


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