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Justin Miles

Chief Architect

Lifelong Learner

In Justin’s own words, “I recognize how to turn a challenge into an opportunity; my best role is to be a consultant who helps guide our customers and architects our solutions.”

Even though Justin has spent most of his career at a single organization, his experience is anything but static. Because of the extensive greenfield projects underway throughout the Carolinas and Virginia over the past few decades, he has had the good fortune of learning and growing with one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the U.S.— overseeing a dozen or more new facilities. He started with one facility and then created a duplicate one soon thereafter, doubled the size of another, and then became the DCS and PLC lead on all greenfield projects—responsible for every technical aspect of the projects, including lab and benchtop equipment. All of this increased responsibility caused Justin to develop his thinking, advance his approach, and create a repeatable methodology that could organically grow and be customized to the situation or engagement. At this point, Justin began to develop front end concepts, facility design, and OT infrastructure design—determining what equipment should be purchased and for what rooms.

When the pharmaceutical industry paused many of its expansion efforts, he worked his magic in the chemical industry and on other modernization projects. He stood up execution teams and managed mega projects – those that need a little something extra. By becoming involved in all aspects of a project and viewing manufacturing issues as business issues, Justin became adept as a consultant and lifelong learner. His invented—and proven—execution model forms the foundation for all Apperture projects and is specifically designed for scheduling assurance and speed-to-market. During COVID, he became very involved in the manufacture of vaccines and drug delivery.

Justin is also a proponent of Managed Services (service as a subscription model) because that allows him to think about, prove, and continuously measure value for his customers, as well as Validation Services, because that allows him to offer end to end delivery. With projects as complex and multi-faceted as those he has handled, Justin is excited about the opportunities that Apperture will embrace.


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