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Boyd Despard

Practice Leader

Customer Enablement Pro

Boyd has adopted excellent business practices and a strong work ethic since childhood, having grown up on a farm and in the midst of a small family business. That was when he first learned about manufacturing and the pride of making something tangible. Later on, with a business degree in hand, he learned carpentry and got involved in the construction industry, furthering his passion of seeing things made. He then became a Mechanical Engineer, putting his skills to work for several manufacturers—always fascinated with the steps of making something and how to improve upon the process. As his career progressed, he took on the challenges of large and start-up manufacturers, having worked with Air Products, Digital Optics, and Alcatel, where he holds a patent in CAT 6 ethernet cable design, and later with General Dynamics, where he led the development of chemical warfare detection systems worldwide, driving a technical Project and Business Management discipline.

In Boyd’s words, “I get the most satisfaction from customer enablement: understanding my customers, interpreting their needs, and applying advanced technologies—for their benefit and the company’s benefit. Also having the ability to explain the amazing tools they now have and how best to use them.”

Having the technical proficiency to understand the process is key to his success but his soft skills should not be overlooked. He also uses examples and terminology that the customer can understand to explain newer technologies, like AI. Boyd is helping lead the charge to move Apperture customers into a XaaS service model in order to advance them into Level 3 or 4, as well as smoothly integrate with other enterprise software products. He is strongly committed to helping his customers fill the gaps with Apperture offerings—particularly in the areas of data and analytics. According to Boyd, “There are pent up opportunities everywhere.”

The ideal engagement is where Boyd can use his skills and experience to talk through what motivates customers to improve their manufacturing processes and learn where they need technical help or additional resources to drive them to top-quartile performance. His aim is to give them what they need as a customized approach, allowing them to focus on what they do best in manufacturing.


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