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Barry Coultas

Business Development

Committed to Delivering Value

Barry has been involved in the automation business for over twenty-five years, having started his career at Emerson’s Rosemount business. He later transitioned to their Reliability Team, where he was responsible for developing the business, and helping manufacturers in their pursuit of asset health improvements—for a system, plant, or entire enterprise. Because it was so new, he became proficient at explaining the reliability process and the reasons why it benefits the business. He later established and led the reliability business for one of Emerson’s Impact Partners, where he collaborated with the reliability technicians and engineers who worked directly with customers in the chemical, food & beverage, oil & gas, and metals & mining industries.

According to Barry, “My focus then, and now, is on delivering tangible business results and developing a workforce culture to support and understand new technologies and the value they bring to customers.”

For the next new challenge, he returned to Emerson to help define and establish their Digital Transformation initiatives and solve long-time issues, such as: How to move data from field devices to the cloud? How do we enable field devices, remote analytics, and diagnostics? What do we do with those analytics and how do we interpret them? While there, he led one of the more significant projects working with an international CPG client. The main goals for the pilot were to reduce batch cycle time and optimize energy consumption; due to its success, the rollout is progressing across the corporation.

Barry is committed to help drive the company to deliver projects across a multitude of industries —delivering on our promise of measurable operational improvements for our customers.


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